The Constitution as Required for 65plus Non-Profit Charity. 

Rule 1) The Charity is a (CIO)  Charitable Incorporated Organisation 100% a non-profit making charity with the aims of the charity to develop a Free Membership for any 65 plus UK Residents (without any Restrictions or discriminations on Race, Religion, Colour, Political persuasion or any restrictions due to any disability), etc.

Rule 2) The Trustees (all non-paid) along with any other Trustees who may be appointed at a later date, will ensure that the interests and aims of the charity ‘65plus’ will be carried out in a lawful and professional way adhering to all the aims and rules as listed in this constitution on this day 24/06/2023.

Rule 3) Furthermore the trustees will ensure all the capital and donations will go to cover the costs involved in printing and distributing Flyers, Newsletters and other vital expenses involved in carrying out our aim to distribute as many free newsletters to as many of the UK’s 65plus people within a UK postal area as possible.

 The aims of 65plus Charity.

  • The main aim is to design, print and distribute a free bi-monthly later to become a monthly newsletter to as many of our free members that our funds will allow. (Members who have access to the internet will be able to see the newsletter on our website ). We also intend to object and bring changes as to how the 65plus are mistreated and neglected by targeting central and local government.
  • To build up a free membership list of as many UK 65plus residents as we can via Word of Mouth, Flyers and Advertising, etc.
  • To distribute our newsletter which will contain items that may be of interest to our members, News Items, Special Features, Cartoons, Back in Time, etc. that we hope will brighten up the lives of many of our members and help them get involved with the charity so they will not feel so lonely.
  • We hope to recruit members through other members (word of mouth), flyers, advertisements, etc.
  • Our funding is all voluntary contribution, collection boxes, donations along with our website and hopefully along with grants and sponsorships.
  • In the unlikely event of the 65plus charity being wound up, any remaining funds will be distributed to local charities that the trustees decide on.a