Our Aims

Help us in Achieving Our Aims and Targets in Helping the 65Plus Have a Better Quality of Life

Our Aims

We are 100% a non-profit making charity dedicated in helping the UK’s 65 plus Residents on having a better ‘Quality of Life’ as well as reduce the ‘Loneliness’ that many 65 Plus Pensioners suffer from day after day.

We intend to mail shot our FREE members a FREE Newsletter with a difference, designed and dedicated to the needs of our members to brighten their lives, try to keep them informed with issues that may affect their lives, along fighting for our rights.

Our Monthly Newsletter will be second to ‘NONE’ designed to help our age group with special sections on Remember, Tips, News, Help, Past Thoughts not forgetting our resident Cartoon Old Yorkshire Farmer ‘Jed and his faithful dog Kim’ with Black & White illustrations by our resident illustrator ‘Anne and her Pen’ along with a double spread Black & White section to take our member back to better times. Etc. This Charity is not only for the 65 Plus but is also run by the 65 Plus unpaid Trustees and Friends.

We are a ‘Non Profit Making Charity’ with our aim’s solely for the over 65 UK residents in an attempt to get as many as possible over the age of 65 to register free as a member of our non-profit making charity.

To register Please post to:- 65 Plus. 1 Victoria Road, Bailiff Bridge. Brighouse. HD6 4DX or e-mail join@65plus.org.uk Sorry we cannot accept telephone applications. Your registration details must contain your Name, Address & Post Code along with your DOB (date of birth). Do not worry we do not sell on your details and they are only collected so we know where to post your unique 65plus newsletter and we also need these details to verify your membership.

Please Note:- Donations are entirely at your own discretion and while we need donations to survive and post our free newsletter to our members we would not wish to exclude any 65plus person who could not afford or did not wish to make a donation.

As a start our aim is to post a free Bi-monthly newsletter in the form a 16 page booklet to as many members as we have funds to carry out this free service, as time goes on and as we hope, more and more new members will join as well as more donations will come in to help pay for printing and posting of your newsletter at the same time we will endeavor to increase members newsletter to a 20 page bi-monthly booklet and eventually on to a News Paper Format Newsletter Monthly.

So what else can you expect from your 65Plus charity? Well hopefully we will add a large and varied amount of features and information, as possible in our newsletter and at the same time on line, internet connected members who would like to read the information on the website instead of in print are welcome at htpp://65plus.org.uk/ also some members families and some younger people may wish to look at the content of our newsletter along with other content, at one point we hope to include a ‘Passed Times’ section where the content will be in Mono (black print on a white background) and the font will be in an old fashioned type print, with special features from the past along with our resident character ‘Jed the Old Yorkshire Farmer and his faithful Sheep Dog Kim’ to hopefully bring a bit of humour to our lives and even a smile on our face.

We also intend to target and challenge our MPs, Councilors and Councils on the way they treat the UK’s 65plus population ensuring we get the health service we were promised when we first started work all them years ago, as well as instead of constantly diving into our life saving (that we already paid tax on) to pay for the health care we were promise would be paid for.

Top of our a gender is to stop these unfair Stealth taxes including the TV license where we are paying a massive part of our low pension on this ridicules license (Stealth Tax) just so they can pay OVER a Million £ to often unpopular presenters, the BBC also have more alleged adverts than other channels admittedly many of these are guests flogging their websites, books along with their services, etc. they also show an ever increasing amount of not only repeats but several channels has the same contents?

Another issue what some see as a Stealth tax is the Car Tax (road fund license). We the 65Plus People tend to have older well maintained cars, doing very low mileage (thought to be the lowest annual mileage of any group of people) at the same time some of these tend to be larger older cars because of the disabilities we are unable to get in or out of a smaller car along with enough space to safety store and transport our disability aids, yet we pay more for our road tax, than almost (Ex farmers)? any other group of people in the UK. IS THIS FAIR? NO!

What is so special about 65plus for the elderly?

Firstly we are a 100% Non profit making charity, dedicated and run by pensioners to help ‘The Forgotten millions’ the over 65’s who have spent their working life paying taxes in a view to enjoying their life of retirement without worrying about where the next money is coming from. We are not run by Overpaid Executives taking thousands of pounds a week in wages and expenses, we are run by fellow pensioners living on our pension just like all our members, on top of this we understand many pitfalls and problems facing our pensioners every day of the week.

No one can disagree that the last few years have been devastating for everybody in the world including the UK, however the UK’s 65 plus have been neglected for years long before the Pandemic, World Unrest along with the financial crash. This is why we are known as ‘The Forgotten Millions’ not only after some 50 years of paying taxes and (NIS pension) every week we are now faced with not only failing health that requires many of us to turn our heating up even in summer, because most of us do not use the internet and are restrictive in our movement we have to shop local where the prices are at their highest, our power & energy bills are some of the highest for any group of people, even the healthiest of us normally have to have help with simple tasks like cutting our toe nails, this alone can mount up to around £100 a month in some areas, dentist treatment can cost several hundreds or thousands of pounds in some cases, Glasses can be another costly item for us pensioners as very strong thin glasses are not covered under the national health so this may mean  many of the over 65’s paying  hundreds of pounds.

But we were ALL PROMIST a health care second to none when we started work 50 years ago when we started paying our National Health Insurance Stamp, so all those above should be FREE? YES they should be but they are not unless you are one of the lucky ones they are not,

A standard Old Age Pension is just slightly over £140 per week which amounts to around just over £7,000.00 per year? Which may sound a lot but by time we have paid for out rates bill of several thousand pounds in some cases, water rates of many a hundred pounds a year, house insurance, heating & lighting, House repairs, TV License? (NOBODY SHOULD PAY FOR THIS) and All the extra treatments they now make us pay for and don’t forget if we have to travel for treatment we will no doubt have for a taxi or petrol, road tax, car insurance, car maintenance, etc. but do not worry the government has now promised us a 10% pension rise in the spring despite the cost of living costing up to double this and some items have even doubled in the last year?

Anyway in these difficult times we don’t want to put the government under undue pressure we just want what we were promised and what we need to survive?

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