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Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD as most people call it)

Seasonal Affective Disorder
(or SAD as most people call it)

Seasonal affective disorder is the term used for a type of depression that tends to be more noticeable in shorter daytimes and shorter spells of bright and sunny days normally throughout the winter months.

Thus SAD is often called (winter depression).

Although a similar type of SAD may be apparent in the summer for some, although not as common.

So what are the symptoms of SAD and how can these symptoms be spotted?

  • Most display a low mood level.
  • They tend to show lack of concentration.
  • Tend to be irritable or grumpy at times, which can lead to showing them to be off hand at the least little thing? (ask my poor wife)
  • Shows short spans of concentration.
  • Some tend to spend longer or it can in some cases shorter times in bed.
  • Snacking all day is a common symptom.
  • Lack of energy and no get up and go. (asking other people this seems to be the common factor for all).
  • Show tendencies to move from one thing to another, constantly changing TV channels.

For the person with Seasonal Affective Disorder it is very hard to spot anything is wrong with them, even their partners can think it’s just an age thing or ‘the moody so and so’. Admitting you have this disorder or you think you may have this SAD disorder it the biggest step you can make to control this disorder.


Although there are things like Light Boxes, Special Mood lighting, vitamins, etc. I am not aware of any treatment for all that works?

As you may have guessed by now with my thoughts on SAD? I have and do suffer every year when the clocks go back and this coming from a person who has spent his entire working life working 24/7, these days I just don’t want to do anything, or cannot be bothered in doing anything, (although do I tend to be on my laptop a lot with the TV constantly on but if you ask me I won’t have a clue what is on the TV but I still have to have it on). Looking in to this it seems it effects different people different ways, but I personally have to push myself outdoors in the day time even if there is very little sun, just feed the birds, sweep the path, do small jobs I feel I can cope with, although repairing the decking or rotten window frame is at present is out of the question maybe in the summer? (Just a final part on this is when typing a letter I tend to miss out paragraphs even if I read it back I am unaware anything is wrong).

Please talk to your GP or health worker if you think you may suffer from SAD?

Please note this above article is written as I personally see it and from facts and information received, (I DO NOT HAVE ANY MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS).