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What's Going On That May Affect Our Quality of Life?

January 08-2024.
Best Wishes and good luck for 2024 and the best of health for all our friends and followers.

Weather Warning snow may reach us sometime this week? so take care it is now snowing in London? 2.00pm.

Please let us have your memories of the past and what you miss the most? I know for me it has to be Public Toilets which were in every Village and Town and they were normally Clean & Free.


Is the Pandemic Over or Not?
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So just as we guessed we got turned down obtaining a charity registration number, it makes you so mad but it seems every government website or operation they have involvement in go out of their way to make it so difficult for any Joe Public to do anything on their websites unless they have a degree in understanding fancy words.

You also need access to a copy machine, you also not only need access to Portable Document (PDF) file editor, but more to the point you have to understand them, if that’s not bad enough you also have to have the knowledge and skill to be able to upload the files and when you go to their website to download a sample form (it’s in ‘Word’ ‘YES’ it is then after you fill it out, you have to convert to a PDF ) only if you only have an old copy of ‘Word’ it does not do this conversion.

The Government is also hell bent on blocking any small charity especial if it tries to do anything for FREE and for our elderly poor people. Is there something the Government is trying to do to us poor elderly pensioners, who have already been squeezed out of all those things they said we would get when we retire?

If you try to complain you can guarantee it is the body you are complaining about who gets to tell you your appeal has been turned down?

We need your help on this time for a change find a party if there is one who gives equal rights to the UK’s pensioners?

65 plus we want to hear from you, we want your support in helping the 65 plus have a better quality of life.

*** Sorry but due to poor health I have had problems updating the website and our Newsletter although not fully recovered I am going to make an extra effort to catch up, thank you to all who have contacted me 17/06/2023  so hopefully I will update asap?


We Have now applied for charity. Number The application number is 5218359


This section is taken from the local News, T.V. and other sources and may not be the views of the 65plus team and all information is alleged information as we have seen or received? if you see anything you think may be incorrect please let us know ASAP.

Gary Lineker Overpaid Big Mouth? Complaining about the small boat people while at the same time he is paid a staggering amount as a second rate sport presenter, of which a large part of this staggering amount comes from our POOR 65plus pensioners who are struggling to survive never mind affording to pay for a ridicules amount on TV licence which the majority of them don’t even watch BBC and ask for sport presenter why not take a look at SKY for a non overpaid good presenter.

If he is so concerned why doesn’t he give some of his savings to these small boat people (or let them move in with him?) or better still give some to our struggling 65plus pensioners so we can at least pay this unfair TAX by way of a TV licence> YOU DECIDE?

***** 16/01/2023 ***********

What sort of a world do we live in? Should we feel safe or NOT?

According to how some of our Police Officers act & behave the short answer is NO we should not feel safe especially for our Children and grandchildren.

Were you shocked by today’s announcement surrounding this disgusting ARMED police officers alleged Actions, not only will most of you feel shocked, but one of the most shocking points is that he had got away with it for so long (almost 20 years)? Are we sure none of his friends and colleges knew anything about this POILCE OFFICER? See ‘Have your say’ for more on our police force?


Following extensive drug trials which have been carried out all over the world for quite a long time (over a year) as I understand, have found a drug ‘Lecanemab’ which is a revolutionary drug capable of reducing or destroying the Rogue Protein ’Amyloid’ which builds up in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s and kills off brain cells. We all have our fingers crossed for the full outcome of these trials and hope this is a breakthrough, for some of the future Alzheimer sufferers although there are some possible side effects like swelling of the brain to consider? A big thank you to all involved and long may their work continue. 30/11/2022.



The current situation in China is looking a bit worrying to say the least, not only for China but the whole world with many countries in Europe and beyond approaching their winter along with their coldest temperatures just the sort of low temperature that make the pandemic rear its ugly head again.

It has been reported that China have seen new cases approaching 30,000 per day and it is estimated that every person is likely to pass on the Covid to around five other people, also the Covid virus is at its highest in colder weather and can account for untold numbers of new cases appearing in the UK.

We the 65 plus band are one of the most vulnerable groups of people in the UK likely to not only catch the virus but suffer from the effects of the virus PLEASE TAKE CARE?

                Wear a Mask

                Clean and sanitize your hands frequently.

                Ensure you have received your booster updates as recommended

                Try to avoid crowded, poorly ventilated places

Please Do Not get complacent although many have survived it once or maybe twice, we are NOT invincible.

                Also, we the 65 plus club need you and your help. Thank You!

Approaching Christmas! Get Some Bargains and Keep Warm

Maybe you have some time on your hands, now is a good time to go shopping for those non perishable items and presents, go to town on a warm bus with your bus pass or car? Always shop around, big shops with mega cheap products on display, these are only cheap to entice you in to their shop where many products are way above the price at smaller shops, although these big shops and stores are great to walk around and get warm with their heating always on full (just another ploy to entice you in and keep you there), short or expired BBE dates does not mean it is off, this is just a guideline airing on the side of caution that the product may be a little discolored, etc. but will still taste as it should and is very unlikely to affect you or your stomach, these are great value for the money?

When your nice and warm, now is a good time to take in some of the smaller shops and see what they have to offer, you can always pop in a big store to get warm again, why not go with a friend and make a day of it, go for a snack at a nice little café or a Fish & Chip restaurant? Help you save on house heating for a while, I know of some elderly friends of mine who just go for a free bus ride together a couple of times a week in small groups, have something to eat a chat and back home before the bus’s get too busy with school kids.

Now is an ideal time to put up a nesting box, especially for Blue Tits they are now actively looking for somewhere to bring their broods into this world, Blue Tits are great parents they normally come November on normally to last year’s box if it is still in good condition and they had a successive family increase (I personally never clean out a Blue Tit Box), otherwise along with new pairs will start looking and cleaning out their old boxes this is also a time for them to teach their now grown up young broods how to build and take care of their nesting box, when they have all cleaned and made 

November 2022 Mini Budget How Will it affect us?

Well first of all, I think we will all agree that something had to be done with the damage that has taken place with the British wealth and economy over the last three or four years? However, I also think this is just another exercise on how to look after their very rich friends along with all the pressure they are constantly under with all the poor and unfortunately people who don’t want to work just produce one baby after another (don’t get me wrong it’s not the poor babies fault it’s the system).

It makes you wonder if these over paid MP’s ever talk to the people on the street along with the people who will be affected by their new changes, these changes quite frankly do very little to get the economy flowing again and take care of all of us who have spent 50 + working years for when we retire.

The increases to the fuel duty actually effects the hard up British working population the very people the government should be supporting and as if the cost of fuel wasn’t high enough, also increasing these fat cat energy suppliers % of tax they pay, will also encourage them to slap another xx £ increase of on their already mouthwatering high Fuel and Energy costs to cover these new increases.

They are supposed to be encouraging new input of Low energy and renewable energy projects along with .their use, so they now want to tax all these people who were thinking of doing their bit for the environment in buying a hi-bred type car with (ZERO ROAD TAX).

They are now going to charge these very people who have already spent tens of thousands more on an low emission car, they have to now pay for road tax, when what they should have done, is do away with road tax all together and put the cost on fuel that would encourage more to walk or use public transport (that is if the government could sort out our failed transport system).


Just to add a point on this subject and our ‘spend spend on silly project government’ they are intent on spending Billions and Billions as well as totally wiping out much of our wildlife on a project ..saving 20 minutes on a journey from London to Leeds, yet it takes more than 20 minutes to travel from Leeds to it’s next door neighbours Bradford (most of the time) and half the time the buss’s turn up 20 minutes late anyway, ask all these commuters who are constantly late for work? (While they are always saying how many jobs this will produce, most will be for a very short time and they are never quick to tell us how many job losses these crazy schemes will cost local towns & villages)?

My personal view on this subject is, they should make these journeys from London to Leeds take an hour or two longer than it does now, this may then discourage these dopey mindless politicians from coming up north?

Have your say on this subject.e