GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST (Have your say)

Lazy Cops?

Well we have received in our mailbag a letter from a former long serving Police Sergeant (let’s call him PC49) as you can imaging he does not want to be named, he goes on to say after almost 35 years as a Yorkshire police officer he is sickened and appalled how this once caring for law and order and the community police force has become in recent years.

PC49 allegedly says they have become almost as corrupt as some of the criminals they try to catch as well as overweight and lazy spending much of their paid time playing on the internet or looking at porn instead of getting out on the streets reducing crime and communicating with the members of the public.

PC49 it seems some of them all they want to do is issue fixed penalty notices which earns them goodie points for little effort, instead of pounding the beat, he says don’t get me wrong there are still a lot of good coppers up and down the country but most just want the easy way if they go out it is normally in a nice warm car and allegedly they often bend the motorists alleged crime by saying they were speeding or driving erratic even though they may have been within the rules of the law and may not have breached the law, but in truth they know they can get away with bending the rules to gain an easy fixed penalty. (who would you believe two coppers or an innocent motorist)?

Although we are unable to tell PC49 full story but he says this is why him and many of his friends and colleges are sick of the new type police force. ‘WOW’. Have your say on this?

Just one point PC49 did say was many of our 65plus member would feel a lot safer if there were more real coppers walking the beat? (Well I think we can all agree with that).

Falling Apart?

Steve one of our younger members at the ripe young age of 69, asked if it the norm to wake up almost every morning with a different ailment or pain? He goes on to say he is now taking some 8 pain killers a day and wants to know why ever since he retired 3 years ago as a healthy worker, now everything now seems to be going to pot?
Anybody want to comment on Steve’s Predicament?


The AA or Rubbish?

JB wrote to us how she had broke down (or her car had) 2 miles from home on the Christmas bank holiday, she had always thought that paying for one of the most expensive and well known breakdown recovery companys (AA) the service would be second to none? (how wrong can you be)?

The car was un-repairable but no problem we (the AA) will take you and your car  home or to your own garage repairer, when JB pointed out that the garage was closed due to Bank Holiday (as well as it was now late evening) and they did not have a safe place to leave her car, while the AA man was very helpful he said they were no longer able to re-pickup her car and take it for repair the following day, so she had to get someone at a cost of £150.00 + VAT (£180.00) to take her car 5 miles to her garage the following day.

As you can imaging JB was not very happy and could not wait to tell all her friends along with us and our members not to renew their AA cover.? ‘Well what do you think about her alleged appalling treatment? Please let us know? (dose your recovery company complete the journey the following day if it is a bank holiday)? Maybe the AA or one of their Recovery drivers would like to comment on this?