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December 28-2023
Well Christmas is just about over for another year although the New Year Bash has still to come especially if you are ‘North of the Border’

I seem to be apologising for not keeping the website up to date but unfortunately ill health is happening more and more and as soon as there is some kind of relief I hope to be back? In the meantime my best wishes to all of you.


So the World has gone MAD! 13/10/2023

Well we have all known this for a number of years, although in over 70 years I have never known so much turmoil and unrest some man (or Lady) made disaster, although some of these natural world disasters seem to be occurring more frequently than ever, having said that there is also an ever increasing number of the human created unrests and upheavals around the world and it often seems every day you turn on the TV, Radio or pick up a Newspaper there is another World Disaster.

Although I well remember the second world war after math, although not the war itself, but I am sure all this unrest worldwide has grown out of all proportions, every day I try to talk to someone and gather their thoughts and news but you can guarantee that the within a few minutes the conversation moves to the world unrest and disasters, which are brought into the conversation and the larger the group of people who are talking the more this rears its ugly head.

Years ago it was always the weather, cost of wet fish or have you heard about Mrs Smith at number 10? Etc. Even politics has taken a back seat in recent times despite the recent party conferences held at these massive arenas and conference centres but they hardly get a mention these days apart from same olds moans and groans for whichever party you do or don’t support. (incidentally we held our local 65plus annual conference last week in the local telephone kiosk but unfortunately we had to cancel it, as there were insufficient members attended to fill the phone box).

In recent times one thing that always shows its face and is what almost everybody brings into the conversation at one point ‘I am glad I am on my way out’ while I can relate to this statement I do thinks we should try to be more positive and think of happier times to come? If not for ourselves but for the future generations.

Although the way the government are treating us the UK’s 65plus it does sometimes seem as though they no longer want or need us, while a great numbers of us have spent over 50 years of working hard and paying our taxes it is now apparent the current government party would be a lot happier if now as retired people needing a little help now and again we just quietly disappeared never to be seen again?

It is also apparent that the current UK non-dom status is here to stay, our own ‘PM’ and/or his family has allegedly become a ‘NON-DOM’ (non-domiciled individual). It implies as I understand they live in the UK but their permanent home is outside the UK making all their millions and millions of £ untouchable to pay taxes but they themselves can reap all the free or subsidised benefits of living in the UK and not paying taxes on their wealth and we as UK tax payers allegedly pay for them and their family to fly about anywhere they wish in private jets and chauffeur driven cars, there is no wonder him and his alleged cronies do NOT want to end the NON-DOM status?

Back to us then, we the 65plus (or now maybe it should be 67) as the retirement age has been increased, allegedly to help pay for the prime minister and his Non-Dom cronies to reap all the benefits that a Non-Dom status brings. (most of us would not mind if it helped our NHS)

Anyway the loony Conservative Party (this is just because it is them who brought it out and it may well have been any other party) brought out a new help service called PIP (personal independent payment) to help people who need help with their illness i.e. mobility, etc. means they need help ‘good’? But this has a cut off age of 3 years old to a maximum 62 years old ‘WHAT’????

This means it does not even cover ANY pensioner the exact type of person who is likely to get less and less mobile year on year due to working hard for over 50 years?

So how can this NON-DOM person and his cronies justify excluding us poor old age pensioners who many can hardly walk within their own house never mind going to the shops, doctors and hospital appointments, etc. From having a specially adapted subsidised mobility vehicle, on top of this they are making it compulsory to end the life of vehicles that most pensioner could affordable i.e. small low emission petrol and diesel cars and replace it with one of these overpriced electric vehicles that in my opinion (as a qualified vehicle engineer and lecture on vehicle technology) believe these cars will be a bigger drain on the world resources and the environmental damage caused by such vehicles, than most cars us 65plus would normally buy and run with a annual average mileage of less than 2,000 miles there is no comparison in the global impact (while Mr Non-Dom and his cronies) not only drive or fly around the small UK island in oversized vehicle and jet with a following of dozens of other vehicles? Have a think and please let me know your thoughts ‘Thanks Brian’

Is The Government Trying to Discriminate Against Us 65+ More & More?

Well according to all those who have contacted us it seems YES they are, especially with the recent changes to the PIP that excludes us from applying for the direct mobility payment many of us over the age of 62 need and want a mobility vehicle to get around, help keep a bit of our sanity and our independency, many have server difficulty just walking a few steps, an electric disability scooter is not really designed for use in the UK especially in bad weather.

Also hardly any of us can afford these new electric cars that would cover our needs with added adaption’s and especially the back up the so called Mobility Scheme covers and also the amount of mileage most of us cover would not be cost effective or practical for us to install a charging point at home. Does the government ever think out these brainless schemes before they change these rules in fact many of us are certain they don’t really give a Tos* about us once we reach the retirement age and as far as they are concerned they don’t want to know about our hardships and about our needs.

Many of you have contacted us saying that it’s not so much the money they are after or a even new car but why don’t they offer us a special scheme where they could adapt our excising vehicle (or let us get a second hand vehicle) so we could continue to use them, cover all repair, maintenance and recovery costs along with free road fund licence and free insurance and most of us would be happy and the government would save millions?

So why don’t they? Please let us know what you think?


Pandemic Over?

So is the pandemic really over? Well it seems some things are getting back to some kind of normality in some places although well off the pre-pandemic levels and most of us not only don’t know if we will ever see the pre-pandemic levels and activities again but many believe it has changed the future of the world forever?

I know many things are back to a kind of normality but mainly these are large multi-national companies that have to do as much as they can to satisfy their shareholders and try to bring back their lost customers, many public services are far from returning to a kind of normality and many Doctors are still not seeing their patients in person, trying to hold over the phone consultation which will never really work for many of us especially our elderly who need some kind of reassurance from a person, not a voice over the phone who has not even seen their problem.

Anyway the truth is that millions of small companies and businesses have closed down or many still contemplating shutting down for ever. BIG BROTHER has been active in trying to take our last remaining part of our heritage away from us and taking more and more control on what we do, where we do it and how much we earned or spent, as well as the large multi-national companies like Google and Amazon who maybe know more details about many of us than we know ourselves.

But the original question is the pandemic over, well no its not in fact many people are still contracting the virus and for most of them who catch the virus they do not tend to have the life threatening symptoms enough to be rushed into hospital although many seem to be suffering from a type of long Covid that can render even young healthy people to almost a shell of their old self. So please take care.

We as a westernized country like many in Europe countries, have seen a never ending line of refugees in rows and rows of boats making their way to our shores, no matter which side of the fence you are on this matter, it is obvious to most of us something has to be done to this ever increasing problem?

The UK Population

Which brings us on to some interesting facts, mainly about our 65+ it seems that we the UK now have a population of around 70 million and out of these around 10 million of the ever increasing population are now over 65 and the largest age group in this is not surprising that people who were born at the end of the second world war and the post years when all our troops were coming home to their motherland and celebrating with their loved one hence we became known as the ‘War Babies’ and we now are aged between 70 and 80 surprising another boom baby years came about as we became teenagers in the 60s many were married had young families along with a large number of teenagers who had children out of wedlock.

Another fact that nobody wants to talk about is that rough estimates think that are somewhere in the region approaching one million (unregistered people) are what they call under the radar but as we don’t really know it could be less or in fact it could be a lot higher, along with this many of these are having children and many of these are never registered so this figure gets higher and higher year after year.

A terrifying fact from this is because nobody is suppose to know about them, many are doing some kind of illegal or dishonest thing to make a living, some are controlled by overseas big drug kings so is there no surprise to  what our once great country was,  To what it is today.

That said the USA maybe has the biggest problem especially with some of their borders especially Mexico and their figures give some grim reading they also have an ever increasing number who enter their country with a verified visa but abscond in to this vast state, never to be seen again, or not? I know an old friend of mine went to the states in the 60s in the mist of the flower power come surfing era, enjoyed it and spent the summer surfing and picking oranges to pay his living costs, overstayed his visa, now 30+ years on this now middle aged prim and proper UK senior university lecturer got invited to go to the USA as a senior lecture over there with his wife and two teenage daughters with great prospects and a disgusting amount of money, they packed in their jobs, sold their house, bought a house in the states and all ready to go when the USA immigrations refused his entry due to illegally extending his visa when he was a teenager. You just don’t know when or how your past may catch up with you? Let’s hear from you if you have a story on this topic.

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