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Charity Commission

The Charity Commission is committed to providing a quality service to all our customers. Who are they trying to kid? this has got to be one of the most unfriendly and unhelpful website I have ever been on? We are a very small Non-profit making charity 65plus dedicated in helping the UK’s 65 plus pensioners we don’t understand the internet and most of our members don’t even have it and certainly don’t want it, this is the whole point of our free charity.

But they insist we have to have a turnover in excess of £5K to register, they are suppose to give you a sample form in word for you to adapt to your own needs but you can only upload a PDF file which we don’t have, as it is in ‘Word’ and not ‘PDF’ common does anybody ever think through any of these so called Government Help websites?

Also they should be opening their arms to welcome non-profit and totally unpaid staff and volunteers who have a small turnovers, not always multi-million pound empires where their staff and helpers get paid tens of thousands all in the name of their charity.

This same Government website that is supposed to help non profit charities have links to companies who charge extortionate prices in helping small charities like us get registered, if it was so easy why would we need to pay for someone to help?

Is there anybody out there who can please help us forgotten millions by talking to your MP’s about us the Forgotten Millions 65plus charity.