Helping the UK’s 65 Plus with more than just a helping hand. the 65Plus Non-Profit Making Charity 

Hello and Welcome

Hi everybody I am Brian Stewart not only the founder of this 65Plus Free charity but also a Proud Member.

Welcome to 65Plus first I would not only like to thank all of you who have joined the 65 Plus Charity, but at the same time thank everybody involved in helping to get this non-profit making charity off the ground and hopefully help to make a difference to our lives if just for a few minutes every other month when our newsletter drops through your door or if you get involved in our cause it may help you feel better for more than a few minutes.

To start with I would like to introduce myself and some brief details about me and how I started this charity for you the members. Well born & bred in Yorkshire on a mixed typical small Yorkshire farm, serving a 4 year apprenticeship, before finally moving on to the motor industry,

Following Arthritis, a road accident and an operation that went wrong I ended up with a lot of time on my hands along with a lot of haltered that built up inside me, days and night were mostly spent with bad thoughts keeping me awake 24/7 and to the point, that some of you may have had at one point, thoughts of the final ending! but friends and my family kept a bit of sanity inside me, and I got interested in computers along with the internet.

I started talking to many people in our age group and was staggered by their response and all the time they felt as let down as me, this was before the pandemic hit although with all the isolation and not meeting people I turned to the internet were I was staggered to find thousands of people in the same situation as me although surrounded with friends and family I was lonely, depressed and in pain (not just the physical pain but psychological pain constantly in my head).

Hence this charity was started which has helped me retake control of myself and my thoughts, so I have put my money where my mouth is so to speak although it has been very time consuming as well as expensive but with the help of friends and family we are finally up and running so I hope you like your new charity?

If you get only one positive thought out of your charity I will personally count this as a great achievement for all of us, many years ago I once went in a shop, not sure where it was although maybe North Wales and it said on the door ‘You Don’t Have To Be Mad To Come In This Shop, Only To Work Here’ which I now think was a great sign.                                                               Wear Your Badge With Pride

Anyway what I am trying to say as long as you are over 65 Please join our charity, send us a short story, a Joke, even a donation, whatever you want, or just send your Name, Address including Post Code and your date of birth DOB, maybe a little bit about yourself whatever you want.

How About Something Special from the Past?


Memories at our age I think are great and I know by talking to most of you, that you hold precious some of your memories whether its fond memories, sad times, happy times, childhood memories even an old song they can bring tears to our eyes or a smile to our face either way memories are yours to cherish and remember? Some are to share why not send us your memories and tell us why they are so special to you.


What do you like? I know I like a lot of things like Fish & Chips to eat, to see, to wear or even to watch on TV? I also Love a lot of things like my family although Like and love are in a way similar they are miles apart? Please tell us what you like or love! and why?


Dislikes Why do you dislike something I know I really dislike Garlic, Curry and Spices. What do you dislike and why? Please let us know and why?/


Regrets we all have some (I know Frank Sinatra had a few) some may have been small although if you still remember them they may not have been so regrettable some may have been life changing but many are maybe best forgotten?

A Special Song?

I think at our age most people have Memories of a special Song or Music, manly I guess from the 50s or 60s let us know who where and who sung or played it and why you liked it, although we are unable to play it in the newsletter, you never know? Let us know?